Smile Train Story – Priya

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When Baby Priya was born, nobody was ready to hold and accept the child, even the Mother was afraid that what god has done to them. Parents used to keep the child hidden in their home from relative, neighbors and visitors, taking this as a social stigma. Parents thought that they will have to brought up the child like this and they were worried about this that how they will face the various comments of the society.

Meanwhile parents went to consult their family doctor. He told that this condition can be cured by surgery. They were informed that complete treatment of this deformity is available at various Smile train centers and they came to know by nursing staff working at Amandeep Hospital, who was relative of their neighbor about surgery carried out at Amandeep Hospital Amritsar (Smile Train Accredited Centre). Parents saw a ray of hope and felt very happy. Free Treatment was like a dream come true for the parents since they are from a middle class family. The child is operated under Smile Train at Amandeep Hospital Amritsar. The surgery and treatment has changed child’s life, she will now live a normal life & study/play with other children of her age group. Her parents wants her to become a doctor & secure the community.priya_2-1

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