Smile Train Story – Idnan Choudhary

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Idnan Choudhary third child of Mir Hussain and Rubina was born with the deformity of cleft lip and palate. All near and dear ones started cursing the couple. A normal parent would have frightened after seeing such a deformity in their child. But this time it was different, as parents were bit relaxed. They were knowing that this deformity is correctable with the help of surgery and they were also knowing the place where it has to be done. As the mother of Idnan, Rubina was also born with similar deformity even the more uglier one bilateral cleft lip. She had suffered this wrath of creator through her whole life till she met her saviour Mir Hussain in the form of the husband. Before meeting Mir, she was rejected many a times by several boys for marriage. But Mir Hussain not only married her but after marriage he brought his wife to Smile Train accredited Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar where she was operated free of cost in 2009. Mir had earlier seen couple of children in his locality with cleft deformities being operated at Amandeep Hospital and living near normal life.

After marriage their first two children were normal but the third one Idnan had the deformity of left sided cleft lip and palate. They brought their child to Amandeep Hospital and get his lip operated on 2nd, May, 2017. They also know when to get operated for cleft of palate. Even Rubina is also considering for lip revision surgery.

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Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar and Smile Train came as a saviour in the life of this family.

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