Pain Management

Pain management services in Amandeep Hospital

This department is headed by Dr. Ravi kant Sharma. He is MBBS,DA,Ex.Reg.P.G.I.M.S Rohtak working since 1991 in the hospital and practicing Regional Anaesthesia & Analgesia.Passion for Quality Pain Services & Infection control.

Our motto is that no patient who is admitted in the hospital should suffer from pain.

Two types of pain services are being provided in the hospital.
a)      Acute Pain management services (APS)
b)      Chronic Pain Management Services (CPS)

a)      Acute pain management services:

Different modalities used are :

  • Brachial plexus block:
  • single single shot
  • Continous block.
  • posas compartment
    • single shot
    • continous block
  • Paraicaiatic nerve block
  • Scaitic nerve block
  • Lumber plexuses block
  • Ankle block
  • Intrapleural  analgesia (chest trauma and surgery )
  • Thoracic epidural
  • Inter coastal block
  • Patient controlled analgesia
  • Epidural bolus
    • Intermittent
    • Continuous with elastomeric pump

Advantages of APS

  • Headache chronic migration
  • Facial neuralgia
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • CRPS
  • Neck pain
  • Intercostals Neuralgia
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pain of peripheral Neuropathy
  • Pudendal Neuralgias
  • Scar neuralgias etc.

b)      Chronic Pain Management Services (CPS).

Chronic Pain: whenever there is a injury or insult to the tissue pain occur.

Usually it is relieved when the underlying pathology is resolved.However ,at times it persists when it is  known as chronic pain.

It is not relieved by the conventional pain killer & conventional technique.It requires multidisciplinary & multimodal approach. Over hospital is blessed with multidisciplinary department e.g Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Physiotherapy, Radiology ,Pathology & Microbiology, Oncology ,ENT, General  surgery, Urology.

Over OT’s are fully equipped e.g

  • C-ARM,Multipara monitoring
  • Nerve locators
  • Trained staff

Drugs used in chronic pain cannot be kept in routine pharmacies as they require

Narcotic license our pharmacy has the same license & these regulated drugs are available for the procedure & for the patient to take at home.

Various Pain Syndrome being taken care of are:

  • Patient suffering is reduced.
  • stress response is reduced.
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar is better controlled.
  • Muscle spasm does not occur
  • Increased blood flow to the wound site.
  • Better wound healing
  • Less chance of wound infection.
  • Chest complications are avoided as patient is not deeply sedated unlike in conventional pain control measure.
  • Patient can do physiotherapy in better way
  • Chances of pressure sore are decreased.
  • Chances of DVT is decreased as patient is ambulated early

(Walking epidural,Walking continous )plexuses block

  • Patient stay in the ICU and in the hospital decreased
  • Patient”s  and visitor satisfaction score improves
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