Take off from work after knee replacement surgery

How Long Do I Have To Take Off Work After Knee Replacement Surgery?

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Advancements in research in the field of knee replacement and the advent of ever evolving new technology in it have led to Knee Replacement Surgery being performed at a progressively younger age. Today, people in their 50s are opting for these procedures and the reservations among doctors for the same are coming down.

As the age of the patients going for Knee Replacement Surgery is lowering, it means most of these patients lead an otherwise active life, and would like to get back to their work lives in the shortest possible time. In doing so, it is possible that they do not realize the importance that recovery time actually has in case of such surgery.

Knee replacement is a major surgery and deeply invasive, hence the recovery time or post op care is extremely important. The time needed to go back to work is different for most patients and depends on a number knee recoveryof factors including the general overall fitness, body weight, and the nature of work the patient is engaged in.

Knee recovery time

When can you join your job after Knee Replacement Surgery?.

Patients who are engaged in sedentary jobs may be able to return to work when they can safely travel between work and home which is on an average between 2 to 6 weeks. In the initial periods of return it is important for them to keep their legs elevated for as long as possible and to take a short walk at appropriate intervals as advised by their physiotherapist.

For people who have light-duty jobs that involve more standing & walking, it is prudent to wait till they stop limping which might be anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks after the surgery. For those who have a heavy duty job and require more physical activity than usual, it is advisable to wait at least 10 to 12 weeks before returning to work when they are capable of safely performing their duties at work.

Studies have reported that patients who return to work in less than a month, report more pain, function & work limitations as compared to those who go back to work later. Noticeably, age is not the most important factor in determining the time taken to return to work. The nature of job is the critical determinant in these patients. Another thing to note here is that the limitations experienced at work are beyond physical and included limitations in concentration, matching job expectations, and travel to and from the job.

In the initial periods you might actually need a lot of downtime where you might go to work a little late and sometimes leave early as well. It is important that you receive and avail a little flexibility after the surgery.

To conclude, average time a person takes to recover after knee replacement surgery is typically 6 weeks to 10 weeks depending on the nature of job.
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